Food Storage: Freeze Dried Versus Canned Food

Food Storage: Freeze Dried Versus Canned Food

Trying to develop a great food could be a daunting task, particularly if you start searching at survival websites. Frequently, they will explain that freeze dried food in #10 cans is what you want. That stuff can last for ten years oftentimes. Yet others will suggest you purchase canned food rather. What’s best?

The fact is that a great mixture of foods is most likely best for most of us.

Freeze Dried Food

These foil sealed packets can be found with a multitude of foods and they may be very helpful in desperate situations situation. As these packets of food are lighter, they may be transported easier than cans if you need to leave your house throughout an emergency situation.

Freeze dried products are often sealed perfectly, to allow them to even survive a ton if necessary. On the top of the, unique process creates food which will last far more than canned and creates a great lengthy term storage item.

There are several lower sides to this kind of food, however. Freeze dried is extremely costly, roughly 75% greater than canned food. Also, you’ll need water to re-hydrate the meals and make preparations it, which might not be easy when you’re in desperate situations situation.

Canned Food

Among the greatest benefits of canned food is it is affordable. Also, you most likely utilize it already, meaning it will likely be familiar food for the family in desperate situations situation, boosting morale.

Canned foods are frequently edible from the can, so there’s no preparation needed if you don’t be capable of prepare. Many canned foods come prepared to prepare, too, so there’s no extra water wasted around the food. Additionally for this, you can expect to have more calories from this kind of food due to the way it’s prepared, with fat and everything.

However, bear in mind that if you want to bug out, cans are extremely heavy and you won’t be capable of taking very most of them along with you. In wet or damp conditions, cans have a tendency to rust, which could compromise the security from the contents, so that they need to be stored dry.